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                                              Ammonia nitrogen removal agent liquid

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                                              detailed description

                                                1 performance characteristics

                                                The ammonia nitrogen removal agent developed by our company is mainly used to remove the ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater without biochemical treatment. The purpose of removing ammonia nitrogen is achieved in the physicochemical stage. By adding chemicals, the ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater can undergo chemical reaction and generate water-insoluble substances, so that it can be separated from water and the waste water can be turned into clean water. For domestic sewage, electroplating, circuit board, chemical and other wastewater. The catalytic component in the product transforms the ionic ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater into free state, which is removed by aeration or precipitation.

                                                2 product features

                                                1. The reaction speed is fast, and the reaction process can be completed in 5-10 minutes;

                                                2. The removal efficiency is high. Compared with other ammonia nitrogen removal agents, it has less addition and greater removal efficiency;

                                                3. Easy to add and use, good operability;

                                                4. It also has the functions of decolorization and COD reduction;

                                                5. The real environmental protection agent can be applied to the treatment of tap water.

                                                3 usage

                                                The ammonia nitrogen remover is suitable for the removal of high ammonia nitrogen content. When the ammonia nitrogen remover is used in the small-scale test, the ammonia nitrogen remover is dissolved into 5% aqueous solution and then added. According to the ammonia nitrogen value of wastewater, every 100ppm ammonia nitrogen agent is added, about 10-12ppm ammonia nitrogen (reference value) can be removed. The reaction can be effective in about 10 minutes, and there is no residue, no precipitation, and the effluent can be directly discharged.

                                                4 safety, packaging and storage

                                                Safety: This product is a general chemical, avoid direct contact with eyes and skin.

                                                Package: 25kg woven bag.

                                                Storage: room temperature, dark place, shelf life: 12 months.

                                                5 technical indicators


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